Friends of Lolo Peak is a citizens’ group of local residents and businesses, hikers, hunters, anglers and skiers dedicated to permanently protecting the outstanding natural integrity, scenic values, and traditional uses of public lands in the Lolo Peak area for future generations. Further, we support expansion of the Carlton Ridge Research Natural Area (RNA) in order to further protect its unique character.

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    A bolt of lightning struck the forest around Lolo Peak in mid-July, one of many electrically charged spikes hitting numerous locations in Western Montana during summer 2017. The initially small acreage fire was tucked back in the South Fork of Lolo Creek proposed wilderness area on extremely rugged terrain that argued against early firefighting intervention. As the fire grew driven by extreme drought conditions and hot arid winds it pushed away around to the north than east and became officially designated the Lolo Peak Fire.
  • The Land and Its Virtues
    What is special about this place? More
  • Threats: Developers
    It's the same old story: removing public lands from the public use for private profits. More
  • Features of Carlton Ridge Research Natural Area
    900+ acres plus the 550-acre proposed addition




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